Fernando Blanco

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Fernando Blanco

Fernando Blanco

Comic artist /Twitter: @FdoBlanco /Instagram: fernandoblancocomic, Barcelona, Spain

I draw Comics, for the rest, I’m an absolute waste of oxygen. Ah! I’m good at cooking too!

Fernando Blanco (Zaragoza. Spain 1971).

I published my first works in comics at the end of the past century, for small editors in Spain. Soon, in 2000 I break in comics USA market, working for Dark Horse and DC comics inking the pencils of other artists as Jesús Saiz, David López or Javier Pina. At the same time I worked pencilling and inking in the historic character The Phantom for Moonstone Comics.

Around 2006, I decided to leave my inking job for other artists and work only as full artist. I started to pencil and ink in the series Army of Darkness for Dynamite Entertaiment, working in 12 issues of the series. After that, I began to work for Marvel in Thunderbolts. I also worked in other Marvel titles and alternating with DC titles.

Since 2013 I work for DC in titles like I Vampire, Batman Eternal, Phantom Stranger, Detective Comics, Star Wars, Midnighter and Apollo...

Penciller Works

2017 "Rogue One: Cassian Andor and K-2SO” )30 pages one-shot) (Marvel)
2017 Detective Comics #952 (3 pages) and #953(11 pages)
2016-2017 Midnight and Apollo 6 issues miniseries (DC)
2016 Samarium (6 pages web comic) ((Marvel Custom Solutions)
2016 Batman & Robin Eternal #11(14 pages), #14 (11 pages) and #22 (DC)
2015 Detective Comics #41-44 (DC)
2014-2015 Batman Eternal #35-36 & #48-49 (DC)
2103-2014 Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger #9-22 (DC)
2013 I, vampire #16-19 (DC)
2012 Untold Tales of Punisher Max #4 (de 5) (Marvel)
2012 Avengers: Threat Assessment (2 pages)(Marvel Custom Solutions / T-Mobile)
2012 Max Payne 3 #1-3 (Marvel Custom Solutions / Rockstar)
2012 Resurrection Man #5 (DC)
2011 Flashpoint: Secret Seven #1-3 (DC)
2011 Marvel Zombies Supreme #1-5 (Marvel)
2010 Marvel Zombies 5 #4 (6 pages) and #5 (Marvel)
2010 X-Men Forever Giant-Size #1 (10 pages)(Marvel)
2010 Fall of the Hulks: Red Hulk #3-4 (20 pages) (Marvel)
2010 Namor The first mutant vol, 1 #3 (5 pages) (Marvel)
2010 Uncanny X-Men: First Class #8 (Marvel).
2009 Captain America Theather of War: To Soldier On (Marvel)
2009 Storming Paradise #4 (DC/Wildstorm).
2008 Thunderbolts #122-125 (Marvel).
2007-2008 Army of Darkness (Vol.2) #1-10 (Dynamite).
2007 Manhunter #38 (3 pages) (DC)
2007 Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #4-5 (9 pages) (Dynamite/Marvel)
2006 Manhunter #28-29 (9 pages) (DC)
2006 Army of Darkness (Vol.1) #12-13(Dynamite)
2003 Strangers #4-6 (Image)
2003 Werewolf the Apocalypse: Get of Fenris (Moonstone)
2002 The Phantom: The Singh Web (Moonstone)
2002 The Phantom: The Ghost Killer (Moonstone)

2013 Tales From The End of The World. Apocalipsis (8 pages)(Norma Editorial)
2011 Revolution Complex. Foederati (6 pages)(Norma Editorial).
1998 Fabricante #1-3 (Camaleón Ediciones).
1998 Azoth #4 (12pages) (Camaleón Ediciones).